How to Get Attorney Buy In for Information Governance.

We all know that having the support of our attorneys is key, but getting it can be a challenge...

Susan works with 80 lawyers, and deals daily with the struggle of ensuring they follow retention guidelines, as well as work within the systems designed for legal.  She will provide information from lessons learned in completing revising the systems within the Global Legal and Compliance Organization, including:

How do you convince them it is important? 

What’s important to them?

What are the pain points in gaining their support?

Who are the relevant stakeholders?

Approaches to implementation that can lead to success or failure.

How to ensure that the attorneys feel their needs are heard and addressed

Susan Gleason, CIP, CRM, is the Manager of Legal and RIM Technology for Pitney Bowes Inc.  She began her career working with autistic adults, and somehow transitioned into the legal world, initially as a paralegal.  She worked in litigation, covering multi jurisdictional litigations in many legal areas.  Throughout her tenure at Pitney Bowes, she has transitioned within the Global Legal and Compliance Organization from litigation to Records and Information Management, and added responsibility of managing technology within the organization, including Sharepoint.


Thursday, 05/18/17 at 11:30am - 2:00pm | iCal


Rosa Mexicano
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