November Meeting: "When Keeping Everything Forever is Possible: Implications on RIM and IG"

Guest Speaker: Barclay Blair

Date/Time: Thursday, November 20, 11:30am-2:00pm

Location: Fleming's Steak House

Summary: For decades the (sometimes unspoken) raison d'être of records management has been deletion.  The argument goes that it makes little sense for an organization to spend money to store and manage outdated information. But what happens when the cost of storing information is driven down to near-zero? Or when the cost of storage and management is made an invisible part of a service like business analytics (e.g., Pivotal), communication (e.g., Gmail), or collaboration (e.g., Box)?  Each of these companies has recently started offering customers unlimited storage -  with no price increase. For too long records management has focused on getting rid of records and non-records as a primary source of ROI. This justification is going away. We are moving to a world where we keep virtually all information forever. This presentation will explore the implications of this massive societal and business shift and how it affects records management and other facets of information governance. 

About our speaker:
Barclay T. Blair is an advisor to Fortune 500 companies, software and hardware vendors, and government institutions, and is an author, speaker, and internationally recognized authority on information governance. Barclay has led several high-profile consulting engagements at the world’s leading institutions to help them globally transform the way they manage information. He is the president and founder of ViaLumina and the Executive Director and founder of the Information Governance Initiative.

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