IG vs RIM, Is There a Versus?

Fleming's Steak House

Join us at Fleming's Steak House on Thursday, January 16 for our first meeting of the new year!  The topic will be, "Information Governance vs. Records Management, is there a versus?"

This session will demystify Information Governance and Records Management’s role in an organization’s Information Governance initiative.

  • What is Information Governance (IG)?
  • Why is IG important – and why it has become so hot (EDRM IG model)?
  • What is Pervasive Governance and what is its intended purpose
  • How RM and RM managers factor into IG/how IG is different from pure RM (does it replace a RM steering committee, etc.)?
  • Who are the players in and IG initiative (roles and responsibilities)?
  • How to raise awareness inside your organization?
  • Call to Action

About Our Speaker:

Tom Reding, CRM

Principal, Information Governance Practice

Tom Reding is a recognized authority and thought leader on Knowledge, Content, Document & Record Management, Data Governance, Litigation Support and Privacy.  In his role as a Principal in EMC's Information Governance Practice, Tom works with EMC's customers to help them solve their challenges with regulatory compliance, litigation support and privacy.

Tom is a long-time member of ARMA, AIIM, and NIRMA.  Tom has received industry-wide recognition as an author, presenter, and contributor to industry standards and guidelines.

Prior to joining EMC, Mr. Reding spent over ten years consulting with Fortune 500 Companies and public sector clients.  Prior to that, Mr. Reding spent 25+ years practicing regulatory compliance and litigation support in some of those same Fortune 500 Companies and federal agencies.

Tom is a Certified Records Manager. 


Slides are available here!