Randy Kahn - "Defensible Disposition: What You Need to Know"

Join us Thursday, March 20, as we host industry expert Randy Kahn for a presentation about Defensible Disposition.

Date: Thursday, March 20, 2014 

Time: 11:30am-2:00pm

Location: Via Matta, 79 Park Plaza (Across the street from Arlington Station on the Green Line)  

About the presentation:

Today, the explosive growth of business information is staggering. With analysts projecting an overall storage growth of 44 times in the next 10 years, this can create serious legal, compliance, and cost issues. Clearly, leaving unstructured business information in an unmanaged state is no longer an option—organizations require an information governance solution that enables them to proactively govern their business information regardless of where it is stored.  

Defensible Disposition—What You Need to Know, featuring industry luminary Randy Kahn of Kahn Consulting. We will explore: 

•Problems created by the ‘save everything’ mentality
•What a Defensible Disposition framework looks like
•How technology complements Defensible Disposition strategies
•Taking action: Reasonable, not perfect

About our speaker

Randolph A. Kahn, ESQ. is an internationally acclaimed speaker, consultant and award winning author of dozens of published works including “Privacy Nation,” “Information Nation Warrior,” “Information Nation: Seven Keys to Information Management Compliance” and “E-Mail Rules” Mr. Kahn was the recipient of the Britt Literary Award in 2004 for an article entitled “Records Management & Compliance: Making the Connection” and in 2005 for an article entitled “Stand and Deliver”. He is an internationally recognized authority on the legal, compliance, and policy issues of information technology and information, and trusted advisor and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies and court systems.  

As founder of Kahn Consulting, Inc., Mr. Kahn leads a team of information management, regulatory, compliance and technology professionals who serve as consultants and advisors to major institutions around the globe. Each year Mr. Kahn speaks dozens of times around the globe to corporate and government institutions.


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Here are the slides from Randy's presentation!