5 Things Litigation Can Teach RIM & Information Governance Teams

(And 5 things you can teach them!)

Join us November 21 at Fleming's Steak House as we hear from Sandra E. Serkes, President & CEO of Valora Technologies.

Presentation Summary

Litigation management and records management are converging quicker than most people realize. RMIG are seeking to prevent future risk and exposure, while Litigation are dealing with past problems. Where Litigation teams have long since mastered document content analysis, hourly labor expense management and removal of irrelevant material, RMIG teams bring stronger skills in information and process management, with a specific eye towards standardization, re-use and return-on-investment justifications. Now, if these two groups could pool their historical information, experience and cultures, we’d all be better off for it.

This presentation lays out the most important lessons each group can teach the other. The lessons derive from actual, real-world projects and cases Valora has participated in from the Litigation side of the house, and others from the RMIG side. For those General Counsel groups seeking the best possible practices for information and document management across the board, we recommend you take to heart both sides of the best practices catalogued here.

About our speaker:

Ms. Serkes is a dynamic leader with an extensive background spanning over 20 years in software marketing, product management and corporate strategy, particularly in document processing, computer telephony and speech recognition. One of Valora's original founders, Ms. Serkes has been actively involved in Valora since its inception in 2000. Today, Ms. Serkes oversees Sales & Marketing, Finance & Administration, Operations, Engineering and Corporate Strategy.

A graduate of both Harvard Business School and MIT, Ms. Serkes is a frequent industry speaker and panelist. She is an active participant in the Women Presidents' Org., The Commonwealth Institute, the MIT Enterprise Forum, the Massachusetts Software Council and the Network of Harvard Alumnae. Ms. Serkes serves on the boards of several technology and service start-ups. Ms. Serkes was named a 2006 "Woman to Watch" by Womens' Business magazine.

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Slides from Sandra's presentation are now available here!