Boston ARMA January Event: RIM and eDiscovery

Join us for our January event as our guest speaker, Michael Salvarezza from LRN, talks to us about "A Call to Action: RIM and eDiscovery for the Next Generation."

A Call to Action: RIM and eDiscovery for the Next Generation


With the rise of social media platforms, the proliferation of mobile computing technology and the migration to the cloud, records and information managers are faced with unprecedented challenges. Meeting these challenges will take more than just finding a new way to apply Retention Schedules.

In this interactive session, LRN's Mike Salvarezza will explore:

  • How the computing world is not just changing how information is managed but how people fundamentally communicate and do business together
  • Why old ways of managing information and business records have not been, and will no longer, work in today's world
  • What Records Managers can do to begin to re-think the ways in which this aspect of business is addressed


About our speaker: lrn-bio-michaelsalvarezza.doc


When, Where and Schedule

January 17, 2013

Maggiano's Little Italy

Registration & networking: 11:30-12:00

Lunch: 12:00-1:00

Talk: 1:00-2:00


Slides from the presentation: <a href="" border=0 >arma-edrms-slides.pdf</a>