So you want to be a CRM?

Several ARMA Boston members have expressed interest in pursuing certification as a Certified Records Manager (CRM). The chapter’s board of directors is excited to provide CRM candidates, and those who are CRM-curious, with a list of professionals willing to network with, assist, and mentor candidates as they wend their way through the certification process.

ARMA Boston is pleased to make available a list of CRMs  who are willing to advise prospective CRM candidates and those who have been accepted to sit for the CRM exams. 

In the fall of 2012 ARMA Boston expects to convene a regularly scheduled conference call, or other networking event, in order to facilitate a collaborative relationship between candidates and mentors.

Please contact our CRM mentors via the contact information provided below.

Liz Copenhagen

Michael DeVanna

Meg Duncan

Chris Bednar

Mary Frances Janicik / 413-744-6075

Scott Stancell-Condron 

Melissa Strawhecker

Brett Wise / 617-526-5437